Roads cleared

Last week, Clackamas SWCD brought in a contractor to clear the main haul road and clear some spur roads.  This was mechanical control involving mowing of plants in the roads, cutting down small trees, and using a machine to chew up woody materials.

More than a mile cleared

The contractor spent two days clearing plants by hand and with a masticator.  In all, more than a mile was cleared (shown as blue lines in the satellite image below).

In this phase of road maintenance, our focus was on reducing weed infestations and increasing access to the property.  In the next phase, we’ll invest more effort on controlling blackberry plants that are growing over young trees.

Access to BLM/PGE lands improved

We also wanted to be sure that the Bureau and Land Management and Portland General Electric folks could reach their lands along the northern border of the property.  The northern-most spur road is the one that heads toward the BLM parcel.

Foot visitors: be careful

We welcome visitors to the property.

Cleared roads are passable but many short stumps from cleared brush and small trees will make footing treacherous in places.

If you walk the roads, please let us know of road segments that are particularly difficult to walk through.

The spur northward to the BLM/PGE property line is a promising spot if you are watching for wildlife.  Our trail cameras have picked up some interesting creatures heading that way, probably sheltering in the older forests just north of the Eagle Creek Community Forest.  Be sure to watch for birds and let us know what species you see!

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