Basic rules for enjoying the Community Forest

No dumping

Please do not dump trash or debris at the gate.  We may monitor the gate with hidden cameras to help deter dumping.  

No smoking

The forest is home to many creatures and it borders other important lands.  To protect people, wildlife, and natural resources, no open flames, campfires, or smoking, please.

No camping

Camping overnight on the property is not allowed.

No hunting

We prohibit hunting on the property to assure the safety of people walking the forest road and trails.

Don't block the gate

Emergency vehicles must be able to get past your vehicle.  Vehicles found blocking the gate may be towed at the owner’s expense or emergency responders may push it out of the way.

Do pick up trash

If you spot trash on the property, please move it to the forest road where we can see it during patrols.  We will pick it up and dispose of it properly.  Thank you for your help!

Do tell others about the Forest

Do tell others about your experience in the Eagle Creek Community Forest.  We’d like to hear about your visits, too!

Do take lots of pictures

Do take plenty of photos when you are on the property.  Pictures help tell the great story of the Forest!

Community Forest