Community Forest Plan process

A Community Forest Plan for the property is being developed with the help of the Community Forest Advisory Committee. A Community Forest Plan is described in federal rule as: A tract specific plan that guides the management and use of a community forest, was developed with community involvement, and includes the following components:
  1. A description of the property, including acreage and county location, land use, forest type and vegetation cover;
  2. Objectives for the community forest;
  3. Community benefits to be achieved from the establishment of the community forest;
  4. Mechanisms promoting community involvement in the development and implementation of the community forest plan;
  5. Implementation strategies for achieving community forest plan objectives;
  6. Plans for the utilization or demolition of existing structures and proposed needs for further improvements;
  7. Planned public access, including proposed limitations to protect cultural or natural resources, or public health and safety. In addition, local governments and qualified nonprofits need to provide a rationale for any proposed limitations; and
  8. A description for the long-term use and management of the property.

Download the Eagle Creek Community Forest Plan here: Eagle Creek Community Forest Plan – 10July2019

Community Forest